Lab Meat, a Global High for Food Prices, and More Food News

July 07, 2017
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ground beef can be grown in a lab

How Do You Feel About Lab-Grown Meat?
“Lab-grown meat is essentially produced by culturing (a.k.a. growing in an artificial medium) meat cells in large vats. Of course, meat cells won’t reproduce on their own, so something needs to be added to the mix to make that happen. Enter: fetal bovine serum, a nutrient-rich component of blood that’s extracted from the hearts of cow fetuses, and that is commonly used in scientific labs to culture various types of cells. The process results in small bits of meat with the same molecular structure as regular meat that can be treated like ground beef when mixed together.” – Rodale’s Organic Life

The Connection Between Cheap Food and Trump’s Election
“When searching for the roots of Trumpism, analysts inevitably turn to rural America, the geographic center of President Trump’s support. Yet seldom do they consider the heart of rural America: the family farm. It’s there that Americans’ appetite for cheap food helped propel Trump to victory.” – Washington Post

“Milk” Isn’t the Only Controversial Word on Food Labels.
There’s a lot of talk about whether soy, rice, and nut milks should be labeled “milk.” While that debate plays out, mayonnaise, yogurt, butter, wings, and cheese are also getting a second look. See why at

Global Food Prices Hit a 2-Year High
“International food prices soared to around two-year highs during June, fueled by higher prices for wheat, meats and dairy products such as butter. In fact, global meat prices have risen every month so far this year, and the gains have outpaced most other major food commodity groups, according to data released Thursday by a United Nations agency.” -- CNBC

Your Next Cooking Show Obsession: Chef & My Fridge
“The best chefs of Korea go head-to-head to create impromptu dishes that feature ingredients found inside the guest stars’ very own refrigerators.” – Netflix. We love how they haul the celebrity guest’s entire refrigerator in the studio kitchen for the big reveal! (Plus, you’ll get to know some K-pop stars.)

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