A Trump-Inspired Forest, Wine for Writers, a Salmonella Warning, and More Food News

August 22, 2017
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planting a tree

Forest: Trump
Vowing to Make the Earth Great Again, TrumpForest.com is a response to the President’s executive order from earlier this year instructing the Environmental Protection Agency to begin rewriting the Clean Power Plan. Their call to action: Buy your own tree, plant it wherever you like, send the receipt to Trump Forest, and your donation will be added to the global Trump Forest map.

We Knew It: A Drink Helps Writer’s Block
It may sound obvious, but now you have scientific data to explain why a glass of wine gets the creative juices flowing. “A study published in Consciousness & Cognition by Dr. Mathias Benedek examined the effects of mild alcohol intoxication on creative cognition. When initial solution attempts get on the wrong track, this can cause blocks to immediate problem solving, which is known as mental fixation. Alcohol may reduce fixation effects by loosening the focus of attention.” – Decanter.com

Can Big Money Fix a Broken Food System?
"A growing number of investment companies in this realm are now using capital to help ranchers switch to 100 percent grass-fed beef production, connect small farms to communities with little access to fresh food, and transition farmland used to grow commodity corn and soy to organic, regenerative systems. But critics warn that the money comes with risks, when the priority is ROI and corporate ownership of farmland becomes the norm.” – Civil Eats

We’re Cooking Less, Using Fewer Ingredients
“One of the biggest changes that has rippled across the food industry is a loss of cooking skills, says food historian Andrew F. Smith. This is despite the popularity of cooking shows and Instagram food photos. ‘Grocery shopping now is buying prepared food,’ he says. The trend is true across age groups, but is strongest among millennials, the nation’s largest demographic group. About 42% of millennials’ monthly food budget is spent on food prepared outside the home.” – Wall Street Journal

Salmonella from Papaya Spreads to 21 States
The CDC confirms 4 types of Salmonella bacteria in the outbreak, originating from papaya. “The FDA is advising that consumers avoid Caribeña, Cavi and Valery brands of Maradol papayas, and all varieties of papayas from the Carica de Campeche farm located in Campeche, Mexico.” When in doubt, they say, throw out your papayas. – Food Safety News

Article from Edible Communities at http://sanfrancisco.ediblecommunities.com/sustainable-food/trump-inspired-forest-wine-writers-salmonella-warning-and-more-food-news
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